Saturday Club at Home

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Please send in any pictures of you taking part in the activities or let us know if there is an activity you would like to see us try to do.

Hope you are keeping well and we can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Week 11 Bingo    Bingo Cards

  If you do not have a printer then either use the emailed Bingo cards on a screen or make your own.

Week 12
No video this week instead  are some fun activities
    Harvest Fun Activities

 Week 9          Cooking   

Hope everyone is doing well.

Here’s a link to this weeks video. Lorraine is cooking up some delicious scones for you to all try.

Week 10        Pirates

Ahoy! There is no video this week but instead I have attached a group of resources based upon the international talk like a pirate day. Hope you get a chance to take part and have a go. AAARGHHHH!

Word Search    Top Cards    Match Word    Lingo        Dominos

Week 3
Lorraine is cooking flapjacks so why dont you watch the video and have go at making your own.

Then send us a picture of your finished bake.

Welcome to Week 4

Hope you are okay and is able to enjoy the nice all be it a little too hot weather we are having at the moment. Did you manage to have a go at some the scrummy flapjacks that Lorraine made last week? Don’t forget to send us your pictures.



 More for Week 4    

Here is the you tube link for the video for week 4s Saturday Clubs at home. It is a short book about Star Wars.

I have also added  lots of different star wars based activities to do so have a look and have a go. See more for week 4 below

 A4 Evil Supervillain Poster   A4 Mask     Bookmarks    Colouring Pages      Creature Creator Activity Sheet   

 Desk Buddy Characters     Number Flash Cards    Page Borders


Week 7
Hi everyone

Some of you may be back at school now, so I hope you are enjoying it and having a great time. For those of you that are not I hope you are keeping busy and still having lots of fun.


Sorry that we missed last week’s video but this week Lorraine is cooking and it really makes up for it.

A list of all you will need before you start is attached. Why don’t you have a go and send us some pictures of your creations.

Week 8

Space Template                                                                  Sea Life Template                                               Black Paper

Its a craft video on how to make a magic torch/light picture.
Please have a go and let us know how you get on.