Our Staff

                         Services Manager: 



Natasha Murray 




               Deputy Manager    

                                                              Finance Officer

             Training Coordinator 

                                                            Group Leaders

         Day  Services:                                                                


Sue Mulligan

Alison Smith

Amy Horton

Lorraine Simmonds

Mary Le Fevre Smith

Leah Griffiths

Carla Bishop

Sue Mayhew


We have 5 Assistant group leaders and 55 personal support workers and a total of 72 staff. In addition we have 47 volunteers.

Our greatest asset is our staff and volunteers.


Melton Mencap has appointed Amy Horton as Training Coordinator. She has been a part of the organisation for almost 20 years in various roles so has first-hand experience in the training needs of staff and volunteers to fulfil their role.

An audit all of our client needs has been undertaken to ensure staff and volunteers are provided with the appropriate training so our clients can receive the highest level of support.

We are also developing a staff team to deliver in-house training. This will mean we are able to use the vast experience of our staff and deliver the highest level of training that is relevant to our organisation and our clients.

If you need any more information regarding the training at Melton Mencap please contact Amy in the office or email amy@meltonmencap.org.uk  

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